Eye Health

So, what do you mean by eye health?

The eyes are the window to the soul. Eyes are the only place in the human body where doctors can see blood vessels in their natural environment. Those blood vessels speak volumes about your overall health. Every day, eye doctors are finding the first signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, and dozens of other conditions affecting the entire body, just by looking inside the eyes. When caught early, these conditions can be treated much more easily.

There are many eye conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts. Glaucoma is one of the more sinister ones. Most people have no idea that they have glaucoma until they wake up one day nearly blind. However, it can be caught early, treated, and prevented with routine eye exams.

What risks do you run, not seeing an eye doctor every year?

Every year, eye doctors check to make sure that your vision is as crisp and clear as it can possibly be, but the exam goes beyond the vision test. If you wear contact lenses, your eyes tell your doctor how the lenses have worked over the past year. 

Even if you don’t wear contacts, your doctor searches for any possible problems that your eyes may encounter. They examine the microscopic parts of your eyes, check your eye pressure, and take images of the back of your eyes. These are all tests that can detect any small change in your eye health and signal the need for immediate action.

Aren’t all eye doctors the same?

Although all doctors have a license to treat patients, all doctors are not created equal when it comes to motivation. Doctors who have control over their schedules and the equipment they use are much happier and a better choice for patients.