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So, how did

come to be…?

The best eye doctors are in high demand and are usually booked  at least 2-3 weeks in advance, which makes it difficult for those who want to be seen quickly. For this reason, many people are forced to see budget doctors or use online eye exams. However, many of these doctors have patients who cannot make it and cancel on the same day of their appointments.

That’s where

comes in.

Eyeris helps patients see the best eye doctors on their own schedules. This is a company founded by eye doctors for eye doctors and the patients they serve. There are no big corporations involved, only people connecting with local, top-performing businesses.

Lately, there has been a downward spiral of care by companies who are only concerned with the dollars that patients represent. There are many online vision tests that trick people into thinking they are receiving care, when they are only trying to beat the prescription systems.


That’s where

comes in.

Is this bad? 
Consider the true story of Bernard.

Bernard (name changed) is a 30-year-old man who had been purchasing contact lenses from a well-known online retailer for three years without a valid prescription. Bernard thought that it was okay because this seemed like a reputable company. One day, he woke up with eye irritation. One horrific eye infection and major surgery later, he was left blind in one eye.

This happened because an internet contact lens retailer wanted to make money without requiring an eye exam. Bernard did not even know this was a possibility, but online contact lens retailers know and are turning a blind eye because they are making money.

Stories like this are popping up all over the country. Eyeris was created to combat the lack of accountability of companies to patients. At the heart of every decision we make is protecting the doctor/patient relationship. Eyeris goes beyond just getting patients scheduled quickly and conveniently to see the very best doctors. Eyeris is re-establishing top quality eye-care.

…and that’s why we created

The End?

Or... just the beginning?

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Spoiler Alert -

it’s just the beginning!