How do I order Eyeris contacts?

Revenue: To order boxes for a patient, click “BOXES” on the doctor portal homepage. From there you will choose either “Existing Patient” or “New Patient”. Make sure to use a unique email address for each patient. This creates a profile for them so that they may verify their Rx and order online. Enter the monthly supply amount the patient wants, and we will automatically calculate the amount of boxes required. For example, if the patient has an Rx in both eyes and you order a 3 month supply, they will get 3 boxes per eye. If they only have an Rx in one eye, they will only receive 3 boxes total. No math required for you!

Trials: To order trials, click “TRIALS” on the doctor portal homepage. You will be able to order any powers you need to refill your diagnostic set. There is a maximum of 3 per power allowed on a single order.

Inventory: To order inventory for your practice, click “INVENTORY” on the doctor portal homepage. You must order a minimum of 100 boxes.